Peel and
Bleach Cream

Seraphim Skin Care Peel and Bleach Cream for the face and body can change your skin forever.

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Peel and Bleach Cream is a medical grade product; to order this product you must call Seraphim Skin Care at 404.266.0531. We are eager to fulfill your order.


With 21 years of experience in skin health and care, my colleagues and I have developed the “Seraphim Technique.” This revolutionary method for skin care combines a careful regimen and specific application of Retin-A, hydroquinone bleach, and alpha hydroxy acids that will bring forth healthy, glowing skin. The difference is in the application of these FDA approved and clinically proven products.

We have heard many say they can’t use Retin-A. We’ve yet to meet the person who really couldn’t. It’s all in

the ‘how’. Let us teach you the Seraphim Technique. You will experience beautiful skin with minimum flaking, redness and peeling.

The Peel and Bleach© Program is a treatment for the skin. According to FDA and Dr. Oz, Tretinoin (Retin-A©) is the “gold standard” for turning back the clock on sun damage. Scarring, acne, melasma, (sun spots and pregnancy m


ask), psoriasis and rosacea can and will disappear when using this prescription medication correctly and consistently. Ingrown hairs will also disappear.

Enjoy luminous, glowing, even-toned skin the way nature intended. Used correctly, we guarantee you will change your skin forever!