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  • Does this product work on African American skin types?
    We are proud to say that we are experts in African American, Latin, Asian, and Olive skin types. This product is the game- changer when it comes to evening out skin tone, ridding the skin of dark spots, and eliminating break out. Tretinoin is a tightening agent which is why many use it to put off a face lift. Combined with safe percentages of Hydroquinone it knows exactly where to rid the skin of dark spots and Melasma.
  • What about English/Irish skin tones? How will it help?
    We understand the aging process and the annoying "chalky" skin that a life of sun as well as harsh weather elements can do to hide the beautiful skin that we used to have. When using The Seraphim Technique, new beautiful skin comes back fast. The process is specific and instructions in the Seraphim User's Guide make the road back to glowing skin easy. We are always available to help tweak your specific needs as you go through this skin changing journey.
  • I heard you can't go in the sun when using Retin-A (Tretinoin).
    The FDA has stated that it is perfectly fine to receive sun exposure when using this important exfoliate. We say, "Use", "Don't Abuse" the sun. Patients typically get sun 10 minutes faster than normal when exfoliated. We recommend sunscreen after 30 minutes of direct sun exposure. We need that important Vitamin D.
  • I'm pregnant, are your services safe?"
    Yes, our services are safe for you and your unborn. Please be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can make you feel extra pampered!
  • I have lash extensions and just had a treatment, will a facial mess them up?"
    Nope. We are very careful of any treatments you've received. Just let us know ahead of time and we'll take extra care not to cause any damage.
  • Can I get a peel and go out the same evening?
    YES! There is no downtime after you've had your peel. In fact, we encourage you to get the facial and peel right before you're ready to go out. The peels are very gentle, but incredibly effective. Check out our videos to see more!
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