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Formerly called Peel & Bleach Cream

CALL TO ORDER (404) 266-0531

Sizes & Prices:

Regular Formula (.05% Tretinoin with 4% Hydroquinone) 2oz bottle - $125.

Regular Formula 8oz bottle -$300.

Advanced Formula (1% Tretinoin with 5% Hydroquinone) 2oz bottle- $150.

Advanced Formula 8oz bottle-$400.

Under FDA regulations these products must be placed by phone or purchased directly in our store.


Please call to place your order. Thank you!



Seraphim also sells .6% Tretinoin (Retin-A). 2oz.bottle-$175. This product is 6x stronger than .1% Retin-A.

Complete Skin RX (Regular. Silver label)

  • 404.266.0531

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