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This highly concentrated anti-aging and skin repairing gel cream makes skin feel soft, light, hydrated, and velvety. Absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth, non greasy finish.  May be applied before make up and even over make up throughout the day. Contains hylauronic acid micro spheres to help re-plump and fill in  fine lines and wrinkles resulting in an immediate smoother skin appearance.  Perfect when feeling dry or over exfoliated. Promotes a radiant youthful complexion. 2 fl. oz.

Lemon Water Gel Cream

  • Water, Aloe, Glycerin, Rose Canina (Rose Flower), Lemon Peel Extract, Lime Peel Extract, Vanilla Panifolia Fruit Extract, Capryl Glycol, Gensing Fruit Extract, Chamomile.

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