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What it is

This is a deep cleansing formula that thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities, face and eye make-up.


What it is formulated to do

Seraphim’s Active Cleansing Gel contains both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids that begin the all important exfoliation of dead skin cells.  The alpha hydroxy and natural enzymes in this refreshing cleanser bring back that youthful glow while at the same time unclogging pores. It is step 1  in starting your journey to  beautiful skin through proper exfoliation. This cleanser also works beautifully on the whole body to exfoliate dead skin cells to give arms and legs a healthy, shimmering glow.


What it fixes

  • Skin impurities
  • Removes make-up residue
  • Exfoliates and refreshes



Aloe Vera gel, Glycolic Acid (7%), Salicylic Acid, Yeast Extract, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Lavender Extract


How to use

Apply with moistened hands, gently lather and rinse.  Keep out of eyes.



8 oz

Active Cleansing Gel

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