The Seraphim Technique

Click here to view The Seraphim Technique: Part I for the Face.


Click here to view The Seraphim Technique: Part 2 for the Legs.


Discover the Seraphim TechniqueTwo steps in the evening.
Two steps in the morning.
That’s it.


  1. Cleanse with Seraphim Skin Care’s Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser: Mild, Medium, or Strong.
  2. Apply your Peel and Bleach© Cream. Using the size of a quarter or 50 cent piece, start application from the forehead, around to the outer cheeks, then sweep in to the chin, nose and under eyes. That’s it! Go to bed.


  1. Using your Seraphim Exfoliating Cloth, saturate it with water and gently exfoliate the dead cells brought forward from last night’s Peel and Bleach© Cream use. Again, use the cloth from the outside of the face inward. No cleanser is necessary!
  2. Pat dry. Using about a dime’s worth of Indulgence Silk, massage your face deeply and deliberately. Do this for a full 5 minutes! This massage is critical in getting you through the first 10 days of exfoliation. This massage will disguise flaking and peeling.