Success Stories

Buckhead Atlanta Skin CareI have been a customer of Lil’s for 11 years. She knows her stuff like no other and she is always happy to share what she knows about achieving and maintaining great skin. I have very oily skin and some larger than normal pores and she was able to prescribe a cocktail that made a monumental difference in my skin. The peel and bleach cream is truly amazing. While minor peeling is expected at first, your skin quickly adjusts and it will begin to radiate. Since I have been using some form of her product line for over a decade, my skin looks and feels amazing. I do receive many compliments and have turned many people on to Lil and her product line.

I can say that I have never experienced a sub par facial or poor customer service. If you are looking for a good facial at a Groupon price and you don’t invest in her amazing product line, you are truly missing the boat. A one time facial is not a miracle session, and I’m sure Lil was advertising her facials on Groupon to increase her product awareness.

My suggestion is to use the peel and bleach cream. I know the upfront investment can be expensive, but you can make the product last for a while. If you are on a budget like I am, ask Lil to recommend some cleaners/moisturizers that are not as expensive.

The bottom line is Lil is passionate about skincare and it really shows. The peel and bleach cream is truly spectacular and my skin has never stopped thanking me for using it.

-Deanna M.

I’ve suffered from rosacea for years with little or no help from my dermatologist. I heard about Seraphim and their peel and bleach cream so I tried it. It has been a godsend and my skin looks better than it has in years. If you have had the same problem, you might want to try this out.

-Will R.

WOW!  Best morning of pampering I’ve ever had!  My sisters and I scheduled facials in celebration of one sister’s birthday, and I cannot think of a better gift.  The spa is beautifully decorated, and the staff greeted us at the door, offering lemon infused water, fresh grapes, cheese and crackers.  The facial, hands and feet massage, shoulders and neck massage (along with the low lighting, crisp and fresh sheets and towels, and soothing music) made for the most relaxing experience ever.  I’ve had facials before, but Seraphim is my new favorite.  Afterwards, the staff asked if we would like make-up applied — my skin looked so fresh after the facial I almost felt like I could go without make-up — but we took advantage of their offer.  What a beautiful application of make-up.  Very professional–from start to finish.  Go ahead — special birthday celebration or not — treat yourself to a fabulous experience.  Lil, Cindy, and Cecily were the BEST.

– Jane G.

My husband and I visited this boutique/spa as a special treat for our anniversary.  Everyone was very warm and friendly and the atmosphere was comfortable with relaxing music and lovely surroundings.  Our facials were wonderful (was a first experience for hubby!).  The massage/facial rooms are luxurious and I loved how my husband and I were in “adjoining rooms” facing each other with a sheer tied-back curtain.  We felt like we were in the same room but in our own space. I really appreciated that they didn’t make us feel pressured to purchase their products.  I’m sure the skin care line is wonderful (products used for our facials smelled fabulous!), but just wasn’t in our range of affordability.  Overall great experience.

– Karla R.

Without a doubt the best product ever.  I have spent more money than I care to admit on products that claimed to give results. Seraphim gave me and my mom the results we were looking for.  I had friends ask me if I had a facelift…NO WAY !!  Lil and the staff at Seraphim make you feel like you are a part of their family.  Lil will give you that one-on-one attention that is so rare in this day and time.  If you want a product that really works, then give Lil a call or stop by her beautiful salon and be ready to be pampered. Love all the products!!

– Cindy C.

If you are looking for the best place in town for skin care then Seraphim is your place. Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about my skin. Why? because I have been going there for 8 years. You will love everyone in there and you can’t beat the service.

– Carol Martin, The Informed Choice

I have had oily skin and big pores my whole life till I met Lil and Cecily. I now swear by the Peel and Bleach and Indulgence. My skin is youthful, glowing, and gorgeous everyday I use these products!

When I got pregnant I almost cried because Vitamin A is not recommended to use during this time. I’ve had to deal with my God given skin for 7 months and I can not wait to get back my Seraphim given skin!

I got a facial from Cecily over a week ago and I finally got my pregnancy glow! I still feel relaxed! She created a completely relaxing environment for me, and gave me a wonderful head, neck and shoulder massage. I recommend a facial by Cecily to all my  friends, family and co-workers!

– Sara F.

I’m 44 and was struggling with rosacea, adult acne and sun damage on my chest and arms.  I had considered CO2 Laser but very expensive, $3000 for just my chest.  I was introduced to the concept of Peel & Bleach Cream from one of the girls in the doctors office. The same day I went to Seraphim Skin Care and met Lil, Cecily and Kathy.  Let me say they have extensive skin knowledge and their complexions are “off the charts”.  They educated me on the benefits of Vitamin-A, which my dermatologist did not explain for the rosacea.

I started on the Peel and Bleach Cream and that was about 4 weeks ago.  I am amazed at the results!!  The heavy sun damage and creping on my chest has almost disappeared.  The large brown spots on my arms are soooo much improved and I know with a few more weeks of Peel and Bleach they will be gone.  The rosacea on my face and acne is under control and my makeup goes on like a dream.  I did buy their makeup and love it.  It also does a fabulous job of hiding the redness that results during the initial process of using Vitamin-A.

In order to get these results you must be willing to go through a some peeling and redness.  It is well worth it!  Just think about the damage and wrinkles that are peeling off to reveal the new skin underneath.  If you have any discomfort, just call the ladies at Seraphim.  I did and they guide you through what to do during the worst of it.  Really a piece of cake.

I went back this week for a TCA peel.  I wanted to concentrate on my thighs but Lil also put the product on my chest & arms.  I can’t wait to report back on the results.

If you want the beautiful skin you had in your early years the Peel and Bleach is an incredible alternative to expensive lasers & fillers.  I will be a long-time user.

– Kelly M.

This spa is Atlanta’s best kept secret and it is absolutely amazing!!  The ambiance is serene and beautifully decorated in shabby chic.  The owner and her staff are ALWAYS consistent and everyone is treated the same exceptional service.  Prior to going to this spa, I had only dreamed about having this level of good service in Atlanta!!!

The products are truly phenomenal and I cannot imagine using anything else.

I began going to this spa 1 year ago with chronic acne and it was my last result because the dermatologists were ineffective and expensive.  I began using Seraphim products and I saw immediate results and my acne was gone within 4 months.  I have fought acne most of my life and I wish I had know about this product 15 years ago.

Ultimately they have phenomenal products with outstanding service……What more can I ask for??

They are wonderiffic!!!!

– Natasha B.

My daughters took me for my first facial that I have ever had shortly after the passing of my wife to get away and relax.  All I can say is WOW!!!  Lil, the owner, and Cecily have been giving me the Royal Treatment.  I am 63 years young and have always been very cautious about my skin care due to sun damage in the early years.  I have undergone several Mohs surgeries in the past few years which made me very self conscious about my facial appearance.  I have been going every week since September 2012 with AMAZING results.  My skin is now very vibrant, radiant and smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I discovered some of the products and applications that I have been using for years were not what was best for my face.  Peel and Bleach is like a Miracle!  I was very embarrassed about the age spots on my arms, sometimes wearing long sleeve shirts to hide them.  After about 3 weeks they were gone. Really!

Sure, it might seem a little expensive, but aren’t we worth it?  Please give them a try and tell them MR. BILL SENT ME!!!

– Bill K.