Facial in a Bag


5-Step Facial Kit

Everything you need for professional quality facials at home.

Kit includes:

  • Active Cleansing Gel
  • Eucalyptus Glycolic Toner (10%),
  • Acid peel of your choice (see choices below)
  • Post-Peel Mango Mask
  • Indulgence Silk Moisturizer
  • Complimentary Body Scrub Cloth
  • Fan brush for peel application

Select your peel:

  • Coconut Papaya Kit – $200
  • Cranberry Kit (10%) – $210
  • Pumpkin Kit (20%) – $235
  • Cherry Kit (20%) – $260
  • Orange Kit (20%) – $285
  • Red Currant Kit (25%) – $310

What it is

This 5 step kit provides everything you need for professional quality facials at home.

What it is formulated to do

Active Cleansing Gel  removes excess oil, surface impurities, face and eye make-up. It contains both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids that begin the all important exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Eucalyptus Toner is a glycolic acid astringent recommended for every skin type. Especially good for blemished skin. Rids skin of that dull, dry look by removing dead skin cells through proper exfoliation.

Indulgence Silk Cream is the ultimate hydrating, healing moisturizer specifically formulated to combat dry, flaky, peely skin.

Acid Peels (your choice) range from very mild, mild, medium, strong, and very strong. Strengths range from 10% to 25%.  Each 2 oz. jar contains 12-16 professional peel applications. These are the same peels our medical estheticians use in our spa.

 Post Peel Mango Skin Recovery Mask is the perfect creamy emollient  multi-vitamin healing agent to soothe the skin after your professional acid peel has been removed.




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