Coconut-Malic Enzyme Peel


A very gentle fruit acid peel to lightly exfoliate. 2 oz

What it is

A very gentle fruit acid peel to lightly exfoliate.

What it is formulated to do

For a very beginner in the “peel” world. This one is so very gentle. Leaves a lovely glow and the fragrance is to die for.

What it fixes

Begins a gentle exfoliation to rid the skin of dead skin cells. A comforting soothing peel for true beginners.

How to use

As with all Seraphim Professional Peels, we recommend the Seraphim Technique for application. Cleanse skin with Seraphim’s AHA Cleanser . Rinse. Pat dry. With your complimentary fan brush use a generous amount of this peel. Start application at the forehead, the apply to outer cheeks, and inward to the mid panel of the face. Apply generously to shoulders and declote’. A very very light application is recommended for the neck. Leave peel on 5 to 10 minutes depending on tolerance. Rinse with tepid water. Pat dry. Using a tiny amount of Seraphim’s Indulgence Silk Cream, apply with your finger tips and begin your 2-5 minute deep facial massage.


Coconut Fruit Puree, Witch Hazel,Water, Papaya fruit puree, Glycerin, Yogurt Extract, Chomomile Flower extract, Comfrey fruit extract, Licorice Root Extract, Rosa Conina fruit oil, Lavender flower/leaf/stem, Acai fruit extract, Pectin (fruit enzymes), Azulene, Calcium gluconate, Xantham gum

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