What it is

This is a deep cleansing formula that thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities, face and eye make-up.


What it is formulated to do

Promotes clarity by effectively drawing out makeup residue while conditioning the skin all in one step.


What it fixes

  • Skin impurities
  • Removes make-up residue
  • Exfoliates and refreshes


Great for exfoliated skin from Peel and Bleach use. Massaging this gentle cleanser helps to remove dead skin that the Peel and Bleach has lifted.


How to use

Warm up a small amount of cleansing oil with dry hands, then gently massage onto dry skin in a circular motion. Use warm washcloth to open pores and gently exfoliate, then rinse off with tepid water.


TIP:Do not add water until ready to rinse off.



Olive fruit oil, Kernel oil, Ascorbic acid, Bitter orange flower oil, Bitter orange peel extract, Sunflower seed oil, Soybean oil, Safflower seed oil, Cucumber fruit extract, lavender flower extract.

Olive Dual Cleansing Oil


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