What it is

A glycolic polymer lotion to be used as a peel for face and body.


What it is formulated to do

Rejuvenates crepey skin by dissolving away dead layers.



Dead, dry skin will be a thing of the past. This potent Glycolic polymer peel tingles away those itchy skin cells leaving behind a shiny new layer of fresh skin.


How to use

Apply a generous amount to arms, legs, face or declote. Product may itch and slightly burn. Leave on for desired amount of time, the longer the better! Hop in the shower to rinse with luke warm water. Apply Glycolic Body lotion or Indulgence silk to highlight revitalized skin.



Water, Glycolic polymer, sunflower fatty acids, apricot extract, essential oils.



2 Ounces - $75

8 Ounces - $200

Liquid Laser Body Peel / $75 - $200